Parkinson, Dodson & Associates

Client: PCC St Mary de Castro, Leicester (Ongoing)

Main Contractor: Midland Stonemasonry Ltd

Funding: Partially funded by English Heritage

Grade I "St. Mary de Castro (St. Mary of the Castle) is the second oldest church in the City. The development of the building has resulted in a variety of architectural styles. This complexity makes detailed description uncertain and, at times, a matter of guesswork. The oldest work in the present building dates back to the beginning of the 12th century - the usual date given is 1107 - but it has been claimed that there was an earlier Saxon church on the site."

SMDC two thirds down SMDC Fully scaffolded SMDC Scaffolding Decreasing Sprire Rectified SMDC Internal Scaffolded Spire

The works included;


Internally scaffolding the spire and the installation of stainless steel internal straps as a short term holding measure, whilst assessments of the Spire structure where carried out, including a full set of rectified photography drawings showing the full extent of the cracking.

External scaffolding and temporary external bracing to the spire stonework to prevent further bulging of the stonework during demolition.

Archaeological recording prior and during demolition.

The capping of the demolished spire at its lowered level.

The assessment of the retained tower and its pinnacles.

Some Photography by Keith Cooper and Rectified Drawings by James Brennan